Duong Minh Vu Co., Ltd

Nowadays, Duong Minh vu furniture Company Limited (DuongMinhVu ) is well-known as a reputation manufacturer in fine art handicraft of plastic. Until now we have produced many furniture products of rattan and bamboo. Moreover, we have exported in many countries in Europe and the Americas… At the same time, DuongMinhvu products have brought about effective as well as their utility and high value in engineering and art. With previous experience as well as a passion in handicraft, we seemed to forget ourself in work to find out high and reasonable utilities in manufacturing so that we could meet the demands of customer in maximum. In addition, we always apply a standard system strictly throughout the working process.

The ultimate goal of DuongMinhVu is to provide products with the highest quality to meet the highest demands of customers. With a Space of contemporary architecture, we’d like lead DuongMinhVu to a high vision all over the world in order to meet variety demands of customers.

Moreover, weaving furniture products of rattan and bamboo is the strength of DuongMinhvu for each product of us.

Finally, DuongMinhVu furniture Company LTD where we have the technicians, skilled-workers with many experience in the manufacturing process, capable of meeting all the highest requirements of customers. Our joy is as well as Customer’s satisfaction.